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Outsourcing allows more time to focus on your core business and benefit from fixed administrative costs.

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HR Solutions

Effective people and organizational management with a guaranteed high level of client satisfaction.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Reliable and experienced Accounting support, who can provide you with customized financial plans and solutions.

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HR Solutions

Outsourcing your Human resources

Taking care of your employees.

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Accounting Services

Outsourcing your Human resources

Why take the risk of errors in your books?

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Our solutions drive innovation and business growth while reducing costs.

Guaranteed a high level of satisfaction.

We provide customized Accounting and HR solutions to fit your business needs.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

HR Team

We take care of your people and mitigate your risk.


Payroll preview


401k Plan administration


Worker’s compensation, harassment prevention and safety training.

Performance management

Get a clear view of your team’s projects

Recruiting services

Custom tailored strategy to meet your needs

Expense management

Payroll, vendor, and employee-initiated expenses.

Banking and card reconciliation

Matching transactions you entered.

Sales tax and payroll tax

Let us manage and file your taxes.

Bookkeeping services

Experienced, affordable and dependable bookkeeping.

Financial Reporting Services

Gives you clear picture of your company’s financial position.

Payment Solutions

Run your business smarter with quick and efficient payments.


Business Plus

Helping you attract and retain your best employees.

E-Times offers a wide variety of solutions that improve performance and integrate seamlessly with existing platforms.

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